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21% off on EVERYTHING until September 28th at 9am. Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING with purchase of $50 and more before taxes. **
21% off on EVERYTHING until September 28th at 9am. Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING with purchase of $50 and more before taxes. **
Des sourcils parfaits en 30 secondes !

Perfect eyebrows in 30 seconds!

Okay, I admit it, I already had a real crush on Elle R Cosmetics products. They are affordable, and they really work! You don't have to be fooled... it's true... for real! This brand follows the trend of the day, and amazes me every time. I had written an article about their 3D Looky Eyes, here!

This year, the brand is back with a brand new product for your eyebrows. You've probably already heard about it, but the Looky Brow is simply m-a-g-i-q-u-e! I'm freaking out!

Personally, I have a hard time with my eyebrows... I'm far from having the perfect eyebrows of all the youtubers in the world, but I try really hard - you know! Thank goodness the Looky Brow came to me, and I fell in love with it... literally! Doing your eyebrows all crooked in the morning at 6am is now a thing of the past, Darling! Yeah, yeah, the Looky Brow will be your new friend every morning!

What's in this winning product?

The Looky Brow is made of nylon fibers that perfectly shape your eyebrow line so you're right on trend. They are super easy to apply (hello, it's impossible to miss your line - I swear!), and draw without drawing (you know what I mean) your brow line... a real child's play! In short, you'll have full, beautiful brows in a matter of... thirty seconds!

How does the application work?

Not too complicated... you trace the line you want with the fibres that will create a hair effect. No more pencil marks that are completely out. With this product, everything stays super natural and easy. Moreover, you don't need to brush your eyebrows again, everything is done as you apply the product. However, I advise you to brush your eyebrows before application to have a result and a mess-free application.

Another very important tip: don't put the brush back into the jar thirty times! Take it out only once and you will have enough fibers for both your eyebrows.

Looky Brow offers three colors that will perfectly match your natural color: blonde, light brown and dark brown.

This product is available at your nearest drugstore or online here for 20 $. Really, the perfect product to create a brow line worthy of the entire Kardashian clan! Bang - I couldn't ask for more!

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